Hate to needle a point but….

Supporters of the Morrison federal government can breathe slightly easier this morning.

After the government has been copping a fair bit of criticism that it’s perhaps not being totally open and transparent about the ongoing rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination program and what vaccine types would be available and when, the ABC’s News Breakfast crew has come to its rescue with this earth-shattering announcement!

The government has provided an end date for the AstraZeneca jab later this year.

And that will be as soon as all those people over 60 – that’s the only age group AstraZeneca is recommended for – are FULLY IMMUNISED!

And surely that has to be for the best! You’d be an absolute clot not to understand the logic of that!


The Bug’s MGH reported just the other day that Channel 9’s Sydney News had taken some major glitches to their 6pm bulletin on Monday well and truly to heart.

So much so that rather than just spending a few minutes editing the bulletin slightly and putting a good version onto its 9Now streaming service, they ignored the program entirely. Not a good look, really, especially as the day’s major news was Barnaby Joyce returning to the Deputy PM’s role that morning.

It then seemed that embarrassment turned to outright sookiness or stubbornness or whatever when 9Now even refused to run Tuesday night’s bulletin as well.

But now we can report that 9Now has finally been brought up to date for those yearning a recent news catch-up! Well, sort of.

As the image above shows, last night’s bulletin is there. But the powers-that-be at Channel 9 have decided that nothing of any news worthiness happened on Monday or Tuesday nights!


Remember when newspapers were trying so hard to attract young readers by including all sorts of hip and with-it “yoof” sections in their editions at least once a week if not daily?

The theory was that if a paper had a youth section, then young people would inevitably shell out some hard cash to buy it. Right?

Well, no. It never happened, and if you know anyone under the age of 20 you’ll know they have never bought a newspaper in their life and never will.

It seems  News Crap Australia’s  daily turdbloid in Adelaide, The Advertiser, has recognised that fact and has gone in a different direction.

It includes a weekly section called Boomer that’s full of “remember when” nostalgia material.

They perhaps don’t realise that “boomer” can be a derogatory term when uttered by youngsters, as in the “OK boomer” insult levelled on social media at a generation viewed as being over-entitled by virtue of their date of birth.

Or maybe they just don’t give a shit. Which we guess is OK Boomer too.