Worldwide honour for McCormack

Take a bow, Australia!

We have a new world record holder in the form of none other than our amazing Deputy Prime Minister and Nationals leader Michael McCormack (pictured above with a constituent).

He has just been announced by the Guinness Book of World Records organisation as the dumbest serving politician in the world.

The position has been vacant since Donald J Trump lost the US Presidency last November and competition has been fierce since among those keen to take his crown.

In its laudatory citation, the Guinness Book people wrote: “Michael plumbed new depths of stupidity during this past week as Acting Prime Minister of Australia and it’s really been his performances in Parliament, especially during Question Time, that clinched the award for him.

“While his comment that he’d ‘rather live in Australia than anywhere else in the nation’ was fantastic, he surpassed himself when he wished a mice plague on those who live in the nation’s big cities.

“That city folk are the ones farmers and graziers often rely on for all sorts of help in times of crisis, Michael’s ongoing commitment to portraying all city people as ‘woke greenie latte-sipping loonie lefties’ who now deserve to have mice nibbling on their toes is breathtakingly moronic.

“He first came to our notice some time back when he argued, after the federal government paid $30 million for a parcel of land worth only a million dollars, that it was a good investment because the land would one day be worth that!”

Mr McCormack was lost for words when The Bug used a radio telephone earlier this morning to break the news to him in his electorate office in Wagga Wagga.

“That’s Michael all over,” one senior Nationals insider told us, “dumber than an outback paddock fence post after a big fire has swept through.”