Joyce to the world!

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The Twitterarti was on fire this past week as, with so many issues to cover, social media warriors across the nation continued to do the job that our increasingly right-wing-leaning mainstream media has abrogated.

We had the news that the federal government last July had said no to 40 million jabs of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, the Prime Minister concluded his pub tour of the west coast of the United Kingdom and as the week drew to a close, rumours were swirling around that the Beetrooter might be making a fresh leadership tilt against the Turnip.

And while the sewer rats were proudly at work all week, we couldn’t go past the one (at top) on the Beetrooter. So congratulations to Kent Parkstreet (@thespecialbka)

Who said sarcasm was the lowest form of wit! Well, those at The Bug who done senior think it’s sarcasm. Perhaps it’s an ironsarcasmic device, a mixture of irony and sarcasm. Maybe something else as well?

Either way, a lovely blend of words and image.

There were so many other contenders but, at the risk of showing any preference for short, sharp ones, we’ll share these two.