Campbell’s souped-up ‘story’

Our Media Glass House staff are scratching their heads over a story that didn’t appear in today’s edition of News Crap Australia’s Sydney turdbloid the Sunday Telegraph.

It seems that the staff at Rupert’s Sydney rag didn’t get the memo that an early election may be on the way so everything possible must be done between now and the close of polls to destroy the Labor Party, starting with Anthony Albanese.

The gist of the story – and we use ‘story’ very loosely – is that Mr Albanese spent $20,000 on travel and accommodation attending “A-list” events like footy finals, other big sporting events, theatre opening nights, and major musical productions.

Brisbane’s Sunday Mail and the Sunday Herald-Sun in Melbourne gave it space on the front page as a pointer but relegated it to page 10 and 12 respectively. (main picture)

In Adelaide it ran in that city’s Sunday Mail in an abbreviated form on page 20. Darwin’s Sunday Territorian, like its Sydney sister paper, ignored it.

According to the James Campbell “investigation” Mr Albanese attended some of those events as the guest of companies who invited hm to sit in their corporate box.

Apparently Campbell thinks that a Labor leader attending such events on a “freebie” won’t pass “ the pub test” with Labor voters or those the party hopes to attract.

Keen readers may note that when referencing the spending of taxpayer funds or accepting free tickets to events in the preceding few paragraphs we chose to use “Mr Albanese” and not “Labor leader” or “Opposition Leader”. We do it for a very good and simple reason.

The period in which the $20,000 in travel and accommodations costs were racked up covers 2009 to this year, 2021.

Yes, you read that correctly. James Campbell’s story is about a $20,000 bill generated over 12 years. By our calculations that’s a little over $1,600 a year spent on what the story itself admitted was just a couple of dozen events. It even acknowledged that the trips involved Mr Albanese undertaking other activities in the centres visited.

Readers would know that for most of the previous 12 years Mr Albanese was not party leader and Opposition Leader.

Despite that, we do question Mr Campbell’s professed belief that somehow a leading national political figure – which Mr Albanese has been for at least the past dozen years – is not allowed to accept invitations to attend major events or use travel entitlements if those events coincide with other work commitments.

If that really is his view, we look forward to his expose of Scott Morrison’s travel and accommodation bill for the past 12 years.


As mentioned above, our MGH staff are yet to determine why a supposedly big story – sorry, that should be “investigation” – by the media group’s national political editor didn’t make it into print in New Crap Australia’s biggest-selling Sunday paper in the nation’s biggest – albeit shrinking – newspaper market.

We find it curious that a newspaper which usually hits the streets looking for all the world like a Liberal Party how-to-vote card somehow couldn’t find room for the big story by its national political editor.

Did someone in charge at the Tele spike the story after determining it was clearly – and apologies for using a technical newspaper publishing term – a heap of shit?

Or did someone at the paper wipe their arse with it because Albo is a Sydney boy and running it may not have gone down well in the local market?


The item by James Campbell was based on freely available information based on disclosure and accountability requirements applied to all MPs.

Which makes us wonder why nobody in the past 12 years has thought it worthy of writing, although of course we do know exactly why it was written at this time.

The answer was inadvertently provided by the version of Campbell’s crap about Albo’s travel costs that ran in the Sunday Tasmania in Hobart. (pictured)

It let the cat out of the bag with its headline suggesting Albo’s “foes” had a role to play in its appearance at this time.

The paper was dead right, if it meant News Crap Australia.