Poll shock for Berejiklian

A snap overnight poll has produced some shock results for NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

The poll conducted for The Bug asked respondents how they felt about the news that the Premier has a new love interest in the form of high-profile barrister Arthur Moses, SC.

While a majority of respondents from both sides of mainstream politics said they were happy that the state’s leader’s private life was looking up, there were major qualifications.

To the question: Are you happy that the Premier and Mr Moses are now seeing much more of each other in recent times?, only 23 per cent said yes.

A whopping 62 per cent said that whole idea didn’t bear thinking about while a further 7 per cent were physically ill and could not continue with the survey.


Barnaby Joyce’s penis says it has not decided if it will stand at a meeting of National Party MPs tomorrow in a bid to fuck current party leader Michael McCormack.

Mr Joyce’s penis (pictured) said it was aware of the trouble it had generated for Mr Joyce in previous years and did not want to repeat its mistakes.

“I’ve led Barnaby astray on many occasions over many years,” his penis told The Bug.

“I really have to think long and hard about whether I want to stand for the head job again.

“I’ll sleep on it and make up my mind tomorrow,” the penis said.