ABC program faces News Corp attack


National newspaper The Australian has devoted almost all of today’s edition to criticising the ABC and its flagship current affairs program Four Corners for its report about Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s alleged links to a supporter of the QAnon conspiracy. (main picture)

The News Corp Australia broadsheet spent page after page running news stories and commentary pieces by its stable of columnists calling for the national broadcaster to be shut down or sold.

Editor-in-chief Chris Dore said the ABC’s QAnon story was “the last straw” when it came to the “blatant left-wing bias of the ABC”.

“We are proud of the detailed analysis and forensic dissection our reporters and columnists at The Australian have given to the Four Corners’ story which is extensively covered in today’s edition,” Mr Dore said. (pictured)

“We have taken the story apart line by line, word by word, to show it is a travesty of  journalistic standards, and we should know a travesty like that when we see one.

“A measure of our concern is that today’s column by Paul Kelly runs over eight pages instead of his usual seven.

“Thank god we don’t have any regular advertisers otherwise we’d have no room on our pages to run the anti-ABC stories.

“The QAnon story is a politically correct woke loony lefty litany of lies levelled against our great national wartime leader and father of our nation.

“Coming at this stage of the war against COVID-19 and the imminent launch of hostilities in the war against China, the ABC’s story is clearly nothing less than treasonous,” he said.

Mr Dore rejected suggestions that The Australian should have waited to see the Four Corners report when it went to air tonight before lambasting it.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” he said. “We have a job to do on the ABC and we can’t allow silly little diversions and delays like seeing the program we’re attacking to get in the way.”