Photo’s authenticity questioned

CORNWALL, England: Photography experts have debunked claims that an image (above) released at the G7 meeting here is doctored and the event as depicted could never have happened.

They have scoffed at suggestions by an expert on QAnon conspiracy theory that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison “wouldn’t be seen dead in the same room as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden”.

“Both those men are two of the most senior cult leaders of a dangerous cabal of corrupt and Luciferian paedophile elites, including parts of government know as the the “deep state” and A-list celebrities, who now rule the world,” an Australian expert of QAnon conspiracy theory told The Bug.

“I’ve never met ScoMo or been a long-term friend or anything like that but he has always vehemently supported former US President Donald Trump’s courageous fight to defeat this sinister group,” the expert who asked not be named said.

“The photo has got to be a fake because Scottie …. sorry, ScoMo … sorry, Mr Morrison wouldn’t have a bar of those two evil bastards or their radical beliefs, nor they of him.”

But photography experts told The Bug there was a very simple explanation for the apparent distortion of proportion in the image.

“This photograph was clearly taken in a confined space with a wide-angle or fisheye lens,” one explained.