Rupert, what took you so long?

Questions are being asked about Rupert Murdoch’s decision to write down to zero the book value of his rabidly right-wing UK tabloid newspaper The Sun. (main picture)

The most common question being: What took him so long?

Every fair-thinking person in the world, a category that excludes the shrinking pool of Sun readers, has known for years that the shitsheet masquerading as a newspaper wasn’t worth a cup of cold badger vomit.

Staff at the Media Glass House have been pondering just how long it will take for the same zero value to be formally assigned to Rupert’s stable of Australian right-wing turdbloids and his national far-right-wing broadshit The Australian which all now operate on the Sun model of touting right-wing propaganda in the guise of news.

The reason given for the devaluing of The Sun has been the plunge in print newspaper advertising revenues.

But it has also experienced a declining circulation and despite staff shedding and cost-cutting, its balance sheet is, to use technical bookkeeping terminology, totally fucked.

As non-News Corp coverage of the devaluing decision have explained, News UK, the British arm of Rupert’s global conglomerate, has been shelling out squillions to settle lawsuits and legal bills arising from the News of the World phone hacking scandal – 80 million UK pounds in the last financial year. So there’s little cash left in the kitty to prop up The Sun.

As one news site put it, a single printed copy of The Sun costing 60 British pence is now in theory worth more than the entire newspaper itself.


Conformation that Rupert’s right-wing UK rag is now officially totally worthless doesn’t seem to have altered the right-wing course being followed by his papers Down Under.

News broke this week that the army of right-wing columnist and favoured commentators who pen their utterly predictable and nakedly partisan anti-Labor thoughts for The Australian are to be joined by a fresh new voice – Peta Credlin, currently a right-wing commentator on the News Corp-linked Sky News who is known for her utterly predictable and nakedly partisan anti-Labor thoughts. (pictured)

We can’t wait to read her regular rightings. No, that isn’t a typo.


Just for readers’ information and to hold off any copyright lawsuits, our main image at the top of the page comes from the UK news website The Independent and shows Mr Murdoch with Rebekah Brooks former News of the World editor and still a shining star in the Murdoch firmament.

It was taken at the height of the phone hacking scandal which obviously took its toll on Mr Murdoch at the time, including tuning his hair premature black with worry. More blackish-orange to be accurate.