Morrison avoids UK flight flak


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has refused to buy into criticism of his British counterpart Boris Johnson for taking an expensive and allegedly unnecessary flight from London to Cornwall for the G7 meeting of world leaders.

Speaking on arrival in Cornwall aboard an RAAF VIP jet, Mr Morrison (main picture) said he had issued instructions to his staff that his own flight to the UK should be undertaken “as economically as possible and with a bare minimum of fuss”.

“This has meant some cost-cutting when it comes to some regular features of the VIP flights I take back home in Australia,” he said.

Mr Johnson has faced flak for his use of a large passenger jet for the one-hour 335km flight from London to the G7 meeting which is due to discuss climate change and the need to cut emissions from industries such as aviation. (pictured)

But the UK PM was unrepentant when he spoke to reporters after landing.

“I say chaps, and chapettes, what a wheeze that flight was. Hey what?” Mr Johnson said.

“I know some of you and some on the looney left might criticise me for using a plane when I could have used a train.

“But my good wife…. errr….errr….” At this stage a Downing Street aide whispered in the PM’s ear.

“Yes, righto,” he said before resuming his remarks.

“But my good wife Carrie was with me on the flight and we took the opportunity to, shall we say, continue our honeymoon following our recent nuptials.

“So yes, I can say that my flight was emissions-heavy, but what’s a chap to do? Hey what?”

Mr Johnson then did a short performance of the Hokey Pokey dance while singing along, before pushing through the media throng, pointing to a five-star hotel sited at the edge of the airport and asked: “Which helicopter am I taking to get there?”