Does the Weakest Link really stink?

A heartbroken Magda Szubanski has accepted it’s not looking good for a repeat season of Channel 9’s Weakest Link quiz show that she comperes.

This follows the station’s decision to push back the remake of the famous UK show to a 3.15am timeslot.

The much-loved actress who brought us the farmer wife in Babe and the wonderful “I said love, I said pet” Lynne in Fast Forward freely admits she’s both devastated and shocked by the show’s demotion.

“I’ve been watching the Channel 9 promotions for the show and, bloody hell, they are claiming that “the whole of Australia” is watching the show and thinks it’s great.

“Channel Nine’s promotions department wouldn’t be lying to us over that, surely,” Magda said.

“If the whole of Australia is watching, the show must be rating its cotton socks off and I’d have a great job for years to come.”