Trump plans to hit the road

Former US president Donald Trump and sacked Fox News star Bill O’Reilly say tickets are selling fast for their just-announced limited-stops speaking tour.

The two men this week announced they would appear together on stage later this year at an initially small number of venues as part of their Pussy Grabbing Tour.

“The tour starts in Florida in December and it will be yuge, really yuge. It’ll be the biggest tour ever. By anyone. Ever,” Mr Trump said at a news conference with Mr O’Reilly. (main picture)

“It’s a chance for my good friend Bill to ask me questions and for me to speak directly to Americans instead of having my words filtered by the fake news organisations.

“I want all my fans, my many many millions, perhaps billions of fans, to come along.

“Just grab a ticket, grab a seat, and grab a pussy and we’ll do the rest,” Mr Trump said.

Mr O’Reilly – who left Fox News in 2017 after the New York Times revealed payments totalling $50 million had been paid to six women in out-of-court settlements of sexual harassment claims – said he was looking forward to the tour.

“The tour is a chance for Americans to hear the truth directly from a person who has been attacked, pilloried, labelled as a dangerous, subversive, sexist, racist right-wing nut job, and who’s constantly had their character and even their basic intelligence, questioned and ridiculed,” he said.

“Audiences will also hear from the former president, so that’s a bonus.”

Mr O’Reilly said the Pussy Grabbing Tour had so far scheduled stops at four centres in two states, Florida and Texas.

“We’ll probably add more dates and venues in other states once the former president and I check for any outstanding arrest warrants in the other 48 states,” he explained.