Shock: LNP MP attacks Labor!

We can’t quite believe it ourselves and we needed to read this particular story a couple of times to make sure we were on solid ground when including it in this edition of our MGH.

It’s a story (main picture) that ran big in today’s Townsville Bulletin quoting local federal member for the seat of Herbert, Phillip Thompson.

Mr Thompson rose in Federal Parliament and under parliamentary privilege proceeded to dump several buckets on several local Labor Party identities.

We won’t recite his claims here, but what we will remark upon is the fact that nowhere in the story or the accompanying front-page pointer were any of the expressions such as “Liberal National Party” or “LNP” used to describe Mr Thompson. Nowhere!

Today’s story about his “shock” claims merely labelled Mr Thompson as “the Herbert MP”.

Does anyone still believe that News Corp Australia operates legitimate news outlets? If so, today’s story may shock you into a rethink.

The Townsville Bulletin in particular appeared to be an LNP pamphlet during the Queensland election campaign late last year.

So watch out for more shoddy pro-LNP reporting in the weeks and months ahead as we await a possible early federal poll.


Speaking of an early election, like you we have noticed a recent and expensive upsurge in federal government advertising across all media in recent months.

Sure it costs millions of dollars in taxpayers’ funds, and sure that money could be better spent on something frivolous – like a coherent COVID-19 vaccination scheme.

History shows that ramping up government ads is a sure sign of a PM seeking to head to the polls, even if an election is not really due until May 2022.

But as we ponder the timing of a potential federal poll, consider the ads that have been running in papers like The Courier-Mail in Brisbane for the inland rail project. (pictured)

We are not sure how many voters in the Brisbane metro area take an interest in inland rail or if it may be an issue influencing their vote.

What we do suspect is that the Morrison Government is running the ads now, while they can have some effect on communities in federal seats on or west of the Great Dividing Range.

Why now? Because come September papers like The Courier-Mail will no longer be distributed to those same communities in those electorates.

That decision was announced back in March by News Corp Australia, much to the annoyance of country newsagents and the communities they serve. (pictured)

So is the government getting in now and hoping the ads will spark memories in voters’ minds and shore up votes come the early election later this year in, say October, or are we off to the polls before September?