Praise be to the Father of Our Nation


An overnight invitation to join the prestigious mainstream media choir tasked with the re-election of Prime Minister Scott Morrison has left an experienced ABC news reporter “gob-smacked but incredibly grateful”.

“Yes, it’s true, a delighted Sarah Gerathy told The Bug, “I got the call early this morning from choirmaster Chris Uhlmann and I’ve been invited to choir rehearsals tomorrow evening.

“It will be an absolute honour to just be in the presence of the creme de la creme of our nation’s political scribes (shown below right at a recent practice session).

“I’m busy now learning the words to all the tunes in the choir’s songbook.”

Ms Gerathy explained how five little words during last night’s ABC 7pm bulletin out of Sydney had apparently sealed her invitation.

Reporting for a segment on news that the NSW Labor opposition now looked set for a messy and protracted rank-and-file vote for the party leadership lasting some weeks, Ms Gerathy began her to-camera piece with this: “With a looming federal election….”

She told The Bug this morning: “I was half way home last night when I got a call from The Sun Herald’s James Massola who penned one of the choir’s most recent songs: There’s No Such Thing As An Early Poll with its haunting refrain: If ScoMo wants to go to the people now, then he should because it’s due!

“I must admit I’ve enjoyed listening to various political writers and columnists riffing on that catchy little tune of late and it obviously stuck in my head for last night’s performance ….. I mean balanced, unbiased, fair and professional on-camera presentation.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Despite some wibbly-wobbly wiggle-woom words of late, if Scott Morrison sticks to his word and his promise to be a full-term PM, the next election should be held about a year from now.