Is he an Aussie, is he, is he….

What do you call a person who has lived in Australia their whole lives?

Hint: Anyone who has lived in Australia their whole lives was born here! And stayed here!

Before we disclose the answer, let’s talk briefly about the skillset any scribe needs to be a fine exponent of the wonderful craft of journalism.

Cadet training on the job or a ticket from a wonderful institution such as Jschool helps nail the perfect intro. Experience aids a sense of news value and how a fair and balanced report in any subject can flow freely and logically from beginning to end if you don’t work for NewsCorp Australia.

Ah, see that there. Logically. By applying logic!

The MGH is not sure whether a sense of logic is something that a cub reporter can be taught or is it an inbuilt sense.

From time to time, we’ve shared a chuckle or two with Bugsters over examples of simple logic going missing in television news reports.

Recent examples out of 9 News Sydney included a flooded creek in suburban
Sydney that was as deep as Sydney Harbour and the “perfectly camouflaged” submarine that ferry passengers were delighted to clearly see when it surfaced near Rushcutters Bay.

What’s that old joke? Army sergeant to recruit: “Jones, I didn’t see you at camouflage training last week!”

So, let’s return to our question at the beginning and this to-camera piece by 9’s national politics reporter Fiona Willan in Queenstown for Sunday night’s 6pm bulletin.

Previewing the next day’s annual leaders’ talks between prime ministers Scott Morrison and Jacinda Ardern, Ms Willan said thus …. sorry …. this: “Now there are two things in particular that they tend to see differently. One is how to handle China …. and the other one is Australia’s policy of deporting New Zealand criminals even if they’ve lived in Australia their whole lives…”

While the MGH knows bugger-all about citizenship laws governing the rights or otherwise of any baby born in Australia while their Kiwi mum was visiting or living here, we suspect neither does Fiona Willan.

But we also suspect anyone born in Australia and who has spent their whole lives in Australia has a fairly substantial claim to being called Australian. So there’s our qualified answer.

And we also guess that the number of Kiwi crims that Australia has deported over time that fall into that born-in-Oz category would be very, very small indeed.

With just a little splash of logic, Ms Willan might have spotted that problem as she jotted down her notes for her on-camera piece.

How easy would it have been then to describe those crims sent packing across the dutch … sorry ditch… as having “lived in Australia for much (or a substantial part) of their lives”?