Senator rejects slur claims


Tasmanian independent Senator Jacqui Lambie has rejected claims that she used allegedly racist and homophobic slurs in Qantas’s exclusive Chairman’s Lounge at Melbourne Airport.

A recent tirade at lounge staff by the Senator prompted the airline to ban her from the VIP facility for six months.

Senator Lambie last week issued a lengthy public apology to Qantas staff over her behaviour.

In it she admitted to using abusive language but denied claims that she had made racist and homophobic remarks about Qantas CEO Alan Joyce.

Senator Lambie said she had accessed security video from the lounge taken on the day of the incident and was releasing a section to support her case. (main picture)

“As you will see from the pictorial evidence I have secured, the remark in question has been grossly misunderstood,” Senator Lambie said.

“It was directed entirely at a piece of furniture I saw in the Chairman’s Lounge at the time.

“I thought that particular furnishing was not only out of place in the Chairman’s Lounge but also offended my aesthetic sensibilities including my very well-known sense of interior design.

“I think any fair-minded person will see that the video footage supports my claims.”

Senator Lambie said she was continuing to spool through the security video to find evidence to exonerate her from further allegations of homophobic remarks supposedly directed at Mr Joyce.

“I am determined to clear my good name and as soon as I find images on the video tape of those Chairman’s Lounge pillows I saw with teeth marks in them, I’ll be releasing those pictures too,” she said.