Mushies who love hushies?


The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is poised to launch an exciting, brand-new-format, children’s program designed specifically to educate them on how our federal political system works.

And I can reveal exclusively that the project steals unashamedly from the popular Bananas in Pyjamas program that has been exceptionally popular on the ABC since its premiere in July 1992 and which is now syndicated to many countries.

Replacing B1 and B2 in the new program are two colourful mushrooms, M1 and M2 which as you can see from the image at top are fungal versions of two of our nation’s most powerful politicians, Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Minister for Imminent War Peter Dutton.

In the opening episodes I’ve been shown exclusively, M1 and M2 proudly show Fungaltown (Canberra) and particularly Corrupt Hill, where they were first seeded, to their best friends The Fat Rat (Clive Palmer), The Rich Bitch (Gina Rinehart) and the Lobbies (a group of ex-Corrupt Hill dwellers who now work as lobbyists for powerful overseas business interests and foreign nationals and who include impish kabouter Christopher Pyne).

I’m told the series would already be screening but a major stumbling block has been to find a title that rhymed as wonderfully as Bananas in Pyjamas. Spores and Bores is one under consideration.

Still, I predict the new show is going to be an absolute winner with both kids and adults.

It follows the daily lives of PM Morrison and War Minister Dutton and examines their long-held decision, either by accident or design, to be kept blissfully unaware about horrible things that happen in their departments and on Corrupt Hill over the years and who prefer to be kept totally in the dark and fed shit instead.