Hi ho, hi ho …it’s off to war we go…

Well, golly gosh! Isn’t our Prime Minister the cleverest of chaps?

Who knew that Scott Morrison has us all “exactly where he wants us”.

So much so that he’s feeling NO URGENCY at all!

You didn’t know that? Well, neither did we at the MGH until we read it in the pointer at the top of the front page of the News Review section of last Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herald.

That’s it up at the top, pointing as it does to Peter Hartcher’s column that often infests… sorry… often takes pride of place… on the back page of the section.

The trouble with the pointer is that Hartcher goes nowhere near explaining how Morrison has got the Australian public exactly where he wants them. That’s all of us.

It’s true that at the end of his essay, Hartcher opines that Morrison appears happy to keep international borders closed and his government’s “indicative timelines for both the border and government spending look like they will coincide to keep the cage locked and gilded until after the election which must be held no later that a year from now. That’s the government’s primary emergency. And that helps explain the lack of urgency”.

“So why rush and why worry about opening? Morrison has his three campaign themes in hand; delivering jobs and growth, keeping Australians safe from COVID-19, and preparing for war with China. Enjoy your confinement.”

Now that final bit might be explained away by Hartcher’s wry sense of humour – and a lot of his offerings are very funny although not intentionally – but if one of the ways Morrison has us all exactly where he wants us is to have large numbers of us killed very, very quickly in a war with China, then we should all try to wriggle free from under the PM’s powerful grasp.

Any balanced, fair and rational political commentator who works for a paper boasting INDEPENDENT. ALWAYS could have written instead of the breathtaking hypocrisy being shown by Morrison with his 180deg. turn from Get-Out-From-Under-the -Doona-and-Learn-to-live with-Covid-19 Man to Fortress-Australia Man in the hope of emulating state and territory leaders with success at an early election he desperately desires. They actually put people’s lives first from the get-go.

He might also write about the government’s horrendous stuffups in the vaccine rollout that will most certainly delay both the reopening of international borders and Australia’s economic recovery.

But we won’t be getting any of that tosh from Hartcher or just about everyone else at Nine Entertainment mastheads.

We’ll be getting the risible rubbish summed up in that pointer to Hartcher’s piece.

Postscript: Let’s hope Hartcher has a read of the latest Guardian Essential poll out this morning.
The latest survey of 1,100 respondents suggests most voters would be irritated if Morrison went to an election later this year rather in the first half of 2022, with 61 per cent characterising any post-Budget sprint to the ballot box as political opportunism.

And only 25 per cent of respondents said they were confident the government had a clear Covid-19 vaccination rollout plan. Maybe that’s not too damaging since Scott “I don’t hold a needle, mate” Morrison flick-passed responsibility for the rollout to the states.