Why don’t you just truck off!

The washed-up old hacks who run The Bug don’t have to look far to find others who share their almost visceral hatred for Scott Morrison and every rotten thing he has ever done and every rotten thing he stands for.

But one Tweeterer we have always relied on to call Smoko out for what he sadly is and always will be just happens to be a Patricia Barraclough from Ngunnawal Country in NSW who wins our coveted Tweet of the Week award for some pithy comments centred around a graphic or two.

Here’s her winning tweet and it’s not all that important if the montage of trucks is not her own work; her comments won the day for her. And let’s be honest: sometimes a “fuck” or two is needed to get a point across.

Ms Barraclough describes herself thus: Retired/tired. Worked forever in media, mostly TV current affairs. Kind to animals. It’s harder with humans. Taking snaps/naps #JournalismMatters Ngunnawal Country NSW

And we think her post just about sums up the nausea many Australians are feeling at the moment as Smoko and his photographer swan around Australia campaigning for an early federal election …. oops, sorry, selling his federal Budget.

The truck images have obviously been collected over time but a similar montage with a thumbs-up from a truck or plane window or Smoko using a sewing machine or a piece of factory machinery or inspecting a lab or trying on a jersey or downing a beer could be gleaned from just about any Nine News 6pm bulletin really. Or any other commercial network for that matter.

The Bug‘s coveted award already in her keeping, Ms Barraclough sealed the deal with this “I kid you not…” tweet at the weekend.

And this is the Prime Minister’s Instagram post she’s referring to (right below).

Horrific, right?

What a wonderful image to show to the world to cement in voters’ minds just what a daggy dad, knockabout, bloke-next- door, loveable uncle with cash to splash he is.

But Ms Barraclough, being the fair and decent person she is, tweeted an update to explain that the PM had sculptured the piece while visiting a pre-school.

The Bug doesn’t believe that excuses the pathetic use of the image in any way but does make us just a little relieved.

Knowing the PM’s two girls are well past the playdough stage, we at The Bug feared Dough-Mo had gone to his local Bunnings store to buy some new flatpack gismo to be photographed assembling back at The Lodge and who had harmlessly ventured into the store’s children’s play area to connect with future voters.

As Dough-Mo left Bunnings, we can almost hear an excited little boy asking his single-parent mum: “Was that my father of the nation?”

DISCLAIMER: The Bug‘s entire editorial staff in another life shared a wonderful friendship with Ms Barraclough while working in Brisbane as journalists, albeit in different areas. She has won this week’s award purely on merit but she remains now, as she was back then, a kind, decent, thoughtful and rational person which explains, naturally enough, why she now has no time whatsoever for this fucking poor excuse for a national leader.