PM authors COVID campaign


The federal government is banking on Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s unrivalled marketing genius to rescue it from the potentially disastrous political consequences of its bungled COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

A government source Mr Morrison had spent the weekend drawing on his vast marketing experience to personally design a promotional campaign to be launched this week in a bid to reverse public perceptions about his government’s handling of the vaccine program. (main picture)

“It’s a quirk of history that we have a marketing genius like Scott Morrison in charge of the government and the nation right now as we face perhaps our greatest existential threat,” the source said.

“I know most Australians can’t believe their luck when they stop to consider that fact.”

The government source said the as-yet uncosted campaign would involve widespread advertising and direct mailouts to Australian households.

“We know that the Labor Party and other critics will attack the campaign as just more expensive and misleading window dressing and self-promotion by the PM,” the source said.

“But I can confidently reject the claim that it’s expensive.

“We have been at pains to cut costs wherever we can across the whole campaign.

“For instance the image being used of the PM in all the visuals associated with the campaign was one his wife Jenny snapped of him in Hawaii a couple of summers ago. So there’s a few dollars saved already,” the source said.