Rockets missed ‘by that much’!


The hearts of all those associated with putting together The Bug’s Media Glass House immediately went out last night to the Israeli family all but wiped out by Hamas rockets fired from Gaza.

That was our immediate and logical reaction just after 6pm when Peter Overton began Nine Sydney’s 6pm news with the devastating news.

Here’s the image that accompanied Peter’s voiceover.


All reinforced by what Peter sombrely provided: “Hell on earth in Israel. A little girl cheats death only to find her family didn’t make it….”

Those fucking Arab bastards! I mean …. who even knew those towel-heads had improved on the quality of rockets they send into Israeli territory. The ones that get past the Israeli “steel dome” defence system up to now couldn’t blow the doors off a Volkswagen Beetle.

But by the time Nine got around to the main report on this tragedy, all became clear.

That poor little kid was dug out of the rubble of a building in Gaza, flattened by pre-dawn Israel fire, missile or tank. The bulk of her family were among many civilians killed.

Her mother and all her siblings died – in tiny Gaza, just 40 kilometers long and 10 kilometres wide – at the hands of Israel who no doubt found the whole experience rather pain free from their viewpoint.

So just for Peter’s education – and that of whoever made the poor bastard read that disgracefully inaccurate and thoroughly unprofessional and pitifully disgraceful intro – Gaza is not part of Israel.

It’s true that the territory is still considered to be occupied by Israel by the United Nations, international human rights organisations, and the majority of governments and legal commentators, despite the 2005 Israeli disengagement from Gaza. Thank you, Wikipedia!

So, occupied or not, to call Gaza part of Israel is about as accurate as the rockets fired from Gaza, that hellhole sandwiched between Israel and Egypt and overpopulated to billyO with more than two million citizens living largely in poverty, plagued by high jobless and homeless rates, poor health care, poor quality drinking water and brutally suppressed by Israel for years as to where they can travel and even where they can fish.

Gosh, the MGH hopes it’s not sounding anti-semitic in pointing out these things.