Harry hits the small screen

The Duke of Sussex has finally settled on a new career in his adopted home of the United States of America.

We can report exclusively to readers of The Bug that Prince Harry has signed a five-year contract with Warner Brothers to replace Ellen DeGeneres as host of her wildly popular US-made talk show in 2022.

The new Harry talk show is expected to start in early 2022 and Prince Harry has already  taped a pilot program at the Warner Brothers’ studio in Los Angeles.

While he wants to make his on mark with the new show, he did agree to a request from Warner Brothers that Ellen’s trademark awkward dancing remain as part of the opening of each show. (main picture)

Buckingham Palace sources said that Her Majesty the Queen, Harry’s father the Prince of Wales, and his brother and second in line to the throne Prince William, are all thoroughly relieved at the news.

“One … sorry, Her Majesty … has been very worried about Harry and his seemingly aimlessness ever since he left royal duties behind and moved to America,” one source close to the throne said.

“While the Queen thinks that starring in a daily TV talk show may not be the best career long-term choice for Harry, Her Majesty believes it is the right move for him at this time and should bring some direction and stability to his new life.

“As Her Majesty put it to a close family member: ‘At least hosting a daily chat show means he’ll get his arse out of bed each day and do something to earn a quid now that’s he’s off the public tit here in Blighty.’

“For the Duke of Sussex it is ideal because he can pre-record the shows at studios in beautiful downtown Burbank, not far from his new Los Angeles family home he shares with his wife the former TV star Meghan Markle and their young son and soon their young daughter.”

US entertainment industry sources said Warner Brothers as producers of the Ellen show were ecstatic at the idea of Prince Harry replacing Ellen.

“He’s a ready-made big-name personality in his own right and as James Corden has proved, there’s no language barrier facing UK stars wanting to transition to US television,” one industry source said.

“Warner Brothers is pushing for Meghan to have a role in the new show but she hasn’t made a decision yet.”

Sources within the royal family said Prince Harry had been asking its members to appear as guests, starting with Her Majesty the Queen.

“So far One hasn’t said yes and One hasn’t said no,” one insider said.

“Her Majesty is very canny. One’s letting Prince Harry’s people know that One’s already received an offer of a guest appearance in an Oprah Winfrey special.

“Her Majesty’s clearly playing off one against the other in a bid to secure a bigger appearance fee for One,” the royal source said.