Beware the smirk and mirrors

Readers might have guessed by now that I don’t have a lot of time for Scott Morrison.

Oh, who am I trying to kid?

The man makes my flesh crawl. Well, used to. The more I see of him, that flesh now has an uncontrollable urge to flense off in large slabs and flee the room entirely. That’s not good.

I thought I couldn’t abhor an Australian Prime Minister more that Malcolm “Where’s your trousers” Fraser after he got that drunken fool Kerr to sack the Whitlam government way back when. But then along came Scott John Morrison.

Has there ever been a more mendacious, mean-spirited, misspoken, middling and muddling moron in charge of our country?

And don’t get me started on his crazy religion that he likes to force down ours throats every now and then. Oh, bugger it. Let’s.

I might have remarked before that the next shit I have after a big beef vindaloo meal will have more Christianity to it than Morrison possesses in his entire body, mind and soul.

His own special brand of Christianity is pure unadulterated fat-free bullshit. I’m over all religions but his happy-clappy, talking-in-tongues, hands-on healing, rapture awaiting (beam me up next, Jesus), prosperity indoctrinated Pentecostalism is as fucking , bad and mad as it gets.

Especially when this prick seems to go out of his way to break just about every rule of what a good Christian should be about.

He sprouts personal abuse – or gets someone else to do it – at anyone who gets in his way of getting ahead and making a bob to show just how much he loves Jesus Christ, his Lord and Master. Hallelujah, he’s been saved.

He couldn’t lie straight in bed if he tried.

He’d sell anyone down the river – except perhaps the four females closest to him but then that’s doubtful – for that final vote needed to stay in power.

And his command of hypocrisy is unparalleled in human history.

Despite all this, he’s always a chance for victory because he has the rat-cunning of the ugliest yet most dominant rodent in the shithouse. His marketing skills might be rightly derided but for some inexplicable reason, his flim-flam fakery seems capable of fooling around half the people most of the time.

But let’s look at the most recent example of mind-blowing hypocrisy from this lazy, lying, low IQ, lowlife.

From the outbreak of COVID-19, Morrison was firmly in the “economy before people’s lives” camp.

We had to get out from under the doona, learn to live with this disease and go watch the Sharkies play.

But what an epiphany this bloke has had of recent times as he searches desperately for a reason to trigger an early election, now that his image as Vaccine Man has faltered of late.

Morrison has looked at the recent successes of his state and territory counterparts and decided it’s now Fortress Australia and an emotional Father of our Nation and the Best Wartime Australian Leader We May Still Soon Have is now going to protect us all no matter what! International air travel will not resume now to mid-2022.

Sadly for Morrison but hopefully for the rest of us, this abrupt about-turn by the cunniest* of politicians should finally bring him undone.

The Premiers and Territory leaders maintained a constant approach on protecting their citizens. They also seem to be reasonably nice people for politicians and were rewarded with strong electoral wins based on high personal ratings before hand.

True, Morrison’s personal ratings are still high but his government’s overall standings are not in very good poll position. And Morrison is anything but a nice person.

And seeing I view this prick with an almost visceral hatred, I’ve got to remain confident that enough Australians will see through his new-found love for the health and safety of his fellow citizens.

I’m betting that Smoko’s “I loves youse all” stance will last only as long as the next federal voting day.

And should King Rat somehow scuttle his way back into The Lodge, then everyone: look out!

Morrison’s love for his fellow citizens will vanish overnight. Our international borders will open up pretty soon afterwards, about the same time budget repair will resume in earnest to claw back the billions reluctantly spent to make that election win possible.

Don Gordon-Brown

POSTCRIPT: As I typed this rant earlier, I heard Morrison berating Virgin CEO Jayne Hrdlicka for suggesting some Aussies might need to die as a trade-off for reopened borders and a stronger economic recovery. Was his voice wavering as he mentioned the 100-plus Aussies who had succumbed to the coronavirus, mostly in privately run aged-care facilities that he refused to oversee properly. How he does this shit without blushing like normal people who aren’t sociopathic narcissists beggars belief. And if enough Australians buy this contemptible con-job by this champion of callous conmen who pretends to care, then Australia is well and cruelly fucked.

Also, a call out and thank you to the clever person on social mediocre who created #smirkandmirrors some while back. A bewdiful hashtag indeed!!!.

*okay, I should have used ‘most cunning’ or at a stretch ‘cunningest’ but in some ways ‘cunniest’ comes closest to summing up this cunt, you’d have to agree?