Silly splash sorted out

The Bug‘s Media Glass House rarely finds a newspaper splash (the front-page heading) so appalling that we simply must take it to task – but we have been forced to do so with this pathetic effort from yesterday’s The Sun-Herald (above).

We sincerely hope that the remaining sub-editor at this struggling Nine Entertainment masthead understands what we’ve done here and can hopefully lift their game and now pump out snappy and accurate headings just like the one that came to us so quickly and so effortlessly.


And a big cheerio to that veteran politics scribe Michelle Gratten who has admitted on Radio National breakfast with Fran Kelly this morning that the Morrison government has not received any post-Budget bounce in the #newspoll overnight.

How are you feeling, Michelle?

Especially after your piece last week for The Conversation and for InQueensland (below)?

Soared? Maybe you meant Soured?


And let’s all spare a thought for Simon Benson over at The Australian, who toiled heroically overnight to make a silk purse out of Tuesday night’s Budget sow’s ear.

He did a great job that we’re sure made the Dirty Digger proud but even he – or whoever wrote the standfirst for one of his articles – admitted the government had not received a Budget bounce from that latest #Newspoll that showed the Morrison government’s primary vote unchanged at 41 per cent from Anzac Day, three weeks ago.

True, Simon regaled the Oz’s dying readership with some snazzy Newspoll findings that voters had given the Budget the best thumbs-up since way back when Peter Costello was the nation’s greatest-ever Treasurer.

But even as he typed, Simon probably had this in the back of his mind: shit, after coast-to-coast coverage in Newscorpse papers about how great Josh Frydenberg’s document was for just about everybody – and how disappointing Anthony Albanese’s response was on Thursday night – and when I think about it, the Nine entertainment mastheads weren’t that far behind us in their own sycophantic, arse-licking, Sco-Mo-lauding, Albo-deriding treatment of the week’s events – surely the Leader of Our Nation deserved at least a bit of a lift in the polls?

The MGH agrees with these disturbing thoughts that will never make it to paper. Still trailing in Newspoll was not part of Smoko’s grand vision and short-term plans.

And another one to mull over for Simon. A government’s sales pitch is never more effective than in Budget week when all the limelight is on it and its fiscal document. It’s all downhill from then on, especially as really clever people such as financial scribe Michael Pascoe find yawning gaps in the Budget’s touted claims and objectives.