Home ownership made easy


An Israeli property industry figure says a key housing policy of  his home country could be applied in Australia to help more people achieve their goal of owning their own home.

Speaking from his Tel Aviv office, freelance property undeveloper, Justin Morrell, said the Israeli Government’s policy had seen thousands of  Israeli families secure their own home.

“The job of a property undeveloper is probably very new to Australians,” Mr Morrell said.

“It involves undeveloping large tracts of housing or high-rise residential or office blocks which can then be occupied by Israelis.

“Outsiders looking at our industry need to appreciate that ‘occupied’ is the key word.

“The land or housing we undevelop is in occupied territories and is not occupied by anyone. By that I mean it is not occupied by Israelis. But once we undevelop those areas they can all be occupied by Israelis.”

Mr Morrell said the property undevelopment sector was fully backed by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu.

“Mr Netenyahu is a big supporter of our industry and in just the past week or so I’ve had the opportunity to undertake several undevelopment projects in Gaza and the West Bank. (main picture)

“These will soon be occupied by very happy Israeli families.

“It’s such a very simple idea and I really wonder sometimes why more countries like Australia don’t adopt it,” he said.

Mr Morrell dismissed reports of the deaths of Palestinian men, women, and their children in recent undevelopment projects.

“Yeah, sure that’ll happen. But really it’s just an occupational hazard,” he said.