Grattan’s old gut feeling….

The Morrison Government is set to be re-elected with a sizable majority at the next federal election be it held shortly or even next year, the respected MGF Poll has found.

Taken after last Tuesday’s Budget speech by Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, the MGF poll shows that the government’s electoral stocks have soared on the back of the voter-friendly, big-spending document.

Sorry, what’s that? Not at all acquainted with the MGF poll?

It’s a relatively newcomer to the political polling field and its full name is the Michelle Gut Feeling Poll and its findings were outlined on InQueensland’s online news site late in the week (right).

The MGF poll surveyed just the one person – Michelle Grattan – and she explained her findings in detail. Well, that’s not quite true.

Here’s the standfirst to Michelle’s assessment of how the Budget went down in voterland.

The trouble is that Michelle, professorial fellow at the University of Canberra and chief political correspondent at The Conversation where her article first appeared, spends little if any time to explain more fully her amazing gut feelings with us.

Who knows? She might have supplemented her gut feelings by talking to any six of her former MSM politics scribes who agreed with her tummy rumblings. Any six at random, really. They’re all sprouting the same shit.

The MGH knows of no other polling being released yet on any Budget bounce – dead cat or otherwise – for the Morrision government from Tuesday night’s big-spending announcements.

So, rather than expand on her amazing gut feelings about this “soaring” electoral support, the rest of Grattan’s article can best be divided up into three parts.

Firstly, that the reason Scott Morrison has looked rather glum and out of sorts this week, despite his long-term future in The Lodge looking rather secure on the strength of the MGF Poll, is that being Father of the Nation leading his country successfully through the COVID crisis is a strenuous and exacting task. One he’s proud to perform, mind.

Oh, and he might be tired ‘cos he’s been travelling a lot. Leaders do that when they’re on a war footing and the hustings at the same time.

Also weighing him down is his deserting of his long-held “let’s open up the economy, learn to live with this thing and go watch the Sharkies” approach to the coronavirus. With an election to win, he has executed a stunning U-turn, adopting instead a locked-down, borders closed, bugger the economy, where-the-fuck’s-that-doona mentality that worked so well for state premiers and territory leaders.

Yes, Morrison, marketing genius that he is – as he taunted Anthony Albanese across the despatch box during the week – has decided he can win an election by aping his popular state and territory counterparts, perhaps forgetting in that flim-flam frenzy of his that they had consistently put their people’s lives first. Bit of a difference, really.

Secondly, the big-spending budget had made Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese’s job harder.

Michelle warmed to the general theme of the mainstream media political idiotratti late in the week that the government had brought down a Labor budget, thereby giving poor old Albo an almighty, eye-watering wedgie and snuffing out any light shining dimly on the hill.

Michelle is a class act, of course, and said nothing that coarse, opining: “The budget has made the Opposition’s already formidable task of carving out room for itself more difficult, but it is also proving a hard swallow for those rusted on to the Coalition’s old “debt and deficit” preoccupation.”

The opposition’s “already formidable task” must have come from an earlier MGF poll.

Thirdly, fiscal repair will have to start sometime and it might well be the day after Morrison somehow miraculously gets re-elected fighting a “Who done Covid better!” election, with the help once again of a $90 million ad spend from that fat cunt from up north.

Don Gordon-Brown