Foray into a double ‘for a’….

Here’s a multiple-choice question for you MGH Buggers.

Firstly, have a look at the rather embarrassing little mistake in the intro to the column by Peter FitzSimons in today’s The Sun-Herald.

Got it? In the first line too!

Now, picture Peter FitzSimons waking up in his Sydney home and spotting that simple but glaring error that’s spoiling his otherwise brilliant offering.

Does he…?

A. Accept full responsibility for the stuff-up as he always writes exactly to length and no-one at the paper or its sister SMH are EVER permitted to change a single thing on his copy, ever! NOT A THING! He played rugby for Australia for Christ’s sake, there’s clearly a mistake there and he’s man enough to admit the error.

B. Immediately assumes his copy would have been perfect and some fuckknuckle sub has INDEED stuffed up the copy somehow, while perhaps striving for a sharper intro, not that that would be at all possible, and makes a mental note to ring Peter Costello after breakfast and get the sub-editor sacked.

C: Because spotting grammatical or factual errors are really not his thing – something that’s quite believable if you read some of his books – he doesn’t spot the mistake at all even while reading out the column to his missus twice before getting up and returning to his office to continue work on this month’s historical novel.

Locked one in? Good… but here’s the problem. We at the MGH don’t know the answer!

It’s a question we’ve posed a few times over the distance because these silly little errors do pop up in his column from time to time. But we suspect its “A” so if Fitz would like to enlighten us, we’ll pass it on.

Editor’s note: This error was picked up in a country edition. Chances of it having been picked up for metropolitan runs? Not good, based on recent history and the sad decline in sub-editing staff numbers and standards.