Back to normal, eh? Great!

This might be the first time The Bug‘s Media Glass House has had a dig at a major metropolitan newspaper editorial. And it’s not so much pointing out a mistake but highlighting shameless and unwarranted gloating over something that’s causing the fabric of Australian life much harm.

It says much about whoever penned the editorial in today’s (Saturday’s) Sydney Morning Herald (above) but to us it says you’re not a very nice person with scant or no regard for the plight of average Australians.

And the MGH reckons the same must go to whoever owns Nine Entertainment.

We hope we’re being too harsh.

Our argument is simply this: anyone who gets excited that Sydney property prices have risen 11.2 per cent since the beginning of the year cares not a jot for this nation’s average workforce who are seeing any dreams of ever achieving home ownership evaporating rapidly before their eyes.

There are people at the SMH, The Sun-Herald and Channel 9 who should have their heads read now because maybe one day those heads might be sitting on sticks when Australia’s hoi polloi cry “enough is enough” and rise up in revolt.

The MGH accepts that your editorial pulls out some figures to show Sydney properly prices have only gone up 23 per cent in the last five years and does suggest something must be done to cool the investment sector.

But the fact remains that you’ve gone way over the top in painting huge annual increases as a good thing. Seriously, SMH? Home prices rises of 11.2 per cent in fucking four short months a welcome sign of a return to ‘normal’?

Are you looking forward with joyful anticipation to when the annual growth rate goes over 20 per cent a year, as it has done occasionally in recent times?

The only people who want to see that happen are those who are already in the housing market. With properties paid off or on a mortgage. Maybe with a portfolio of investment properties all humming away nicely on a nice negative gear.

Now the SMH has always wet its pants over galloping property prices that it thinks are “normal” and the sign of a healthy economy but on behalf of your average working-class person out there who has seen their wages practically stagnant for some years now as a deliberate part of government policy, we at the MGH shout out a giant and heartfelt: “FUCK YOU!!!”


The Bug’s Media Glass House sends out a big cheerio to the SMH’s Alexandra Smith!