Budget is a mugs’ game


The Liberal Party plans to leverage next week’s federal budget by relaunching its range of fundraising coffee mugs abandoned after the 2019 budget was hit by deficit-inducing spending on responses to natural disasters and the coronavirus pandemic.

A spokesperson for the Liberal Party’s federal secretariat in Canberra said the original “Back in Black” mugs were quietly withdrawn in early 2020 when it became obvious that a federal budget surplus would not be achieved.

“They were a brilliant idea from a genuine marketing genius very high up in the Morrison Government. Very, very high up is all I can say,” the spokesperson said.

“They were definitely an idea right out of left field. Hang on, maybe I should rephrase that to be politically correct.

“They were definitely an idea right out of right field. And by the way, when I said ‘politically correct ‘I should have said ‘correct politically’.

“Sorry, where was I? Oh yes, we knew they were a bold idea at the time of the 2019 budget because the nation’s accounts were not actually in the black when that budget was delivered.

“But who cares about the truth when you’re dealing with political marketing? Hey? Am I right?

“Sorry, I should say ‘Am I correct?’ Of course I’m right. Politically speaking.

“Look, we think the time is now right…… I mean the time is ideal to relaunch the mugs with a slightly tweaked message. (main picture)

“We reckon we’re on a winner in terms of fundraising and voters will lap them up at just $29.99 each.

“The marketing genius who came up with the original idea agrees. In fact he told us there was a direct link between voters and coffee mugs.

“I remember his exact words: ‘Whenever I see voters I see mugs.’

“Genius. Sheer genius. I thank God we have him high up – very, very high up – in the Morrison Government.

“And I should make clear that when I say ‘I thank God’ I mean that literally. I really do,” the spokesperson said.