Songwriter threatens SBS

Brisbane songwriter Vince Agarol says SBS Television has “wiped him” from any possible involvement in its upcoming broadcasts of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest.

Mr Agarol, the composer of an as-yet-unproduced rock opera based on the life of Brisbane’s infamous Poo Jogger (pictured), said the network’s “longstanding hostility” towards him and his music may yet see him launch legal action alleging personal and artistic discrimination.

“I’ve been given the arse for years now by SBS and I’m sick of being treated like shit by them,” Mr Agarol said.

“All I have tried to do in recent years is to seek a small role in SBS’s Eurovision coverage to help promote my music and, by extension, Australian performers.

“I recognise that the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest was cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s back up and running this year. But yet again SBS won’t even return my calls.”

Mr Agarol said even before the 2020 cancellation was announced SBS had rejected his offer to include in last year’s Eurovision coverage a song from his Poo Jogger the Musical based on the Brisbane man who terrorised inner-southern suburbs by defecating on driveways until being caught in 2018.

“All I wanted was to have the signature song from Poo Jogger included in SBS’s Eurovision coverage. It’s a beautiful and moving love ballad called My Fart Will Go On which I wrote in homage to the theme song from the blockbuster movie Titanic.

“My Fart Will Go On is regularly performed at various venues around Brisbane by a talented young drag queen Dion Celine. Instead of singing in the traditional sense Dion delivers the lyrics by making flatulence noises with his mouth and lips. It’s all perfectly safe for family viewing.

“The song always ends with Dion holding a huge Styrofoam turd above his head and throwing it into the audience. (main picture) Of course the artificial moulded turd is smeared with real human excrement for authenticity’s sake.”

Mr Agarol said the act he wanted to showcase during the 2021 Eurovision broadcast by SBS starting later this month was a Brisbane-based six-member acapella group called the Brown Coils performing another of his Poo Jogger songs, Portaloo.

“Admittedly Portaloo is the subject of ongoing litigation between me and the Swedish super-group ABBA, but I don’t think that is any reason for it to be rejected outright by SBS for broadcast,” he said.

“The Brown Coils are a lot like traditional throat singers that are still found in places like Mongolia, Siberia, Sardinia, and some Inuit communities in the Arctic Circle.

“However the Brown Coils perform acapella using their rectums instead of their throats.

“In fact I’ve coined a new term for their art – coit singing – to differentiate them from throat singers.

“But is SBS interested? No, of course not. I’m very tired of being rejected by the TV network that’s supposed to highlight cultural diversity in our nation.

“It’s giving me the shits and I’m not far off asserting my rights in court,” Mr Agarol said.