It’ll be all white on the day


Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese are pulling out all stops to impress Brittany Higgins when they meet the alleged rape victim in separate meetings this afternoon.

Both political leaders have reportedly decided to wear white outfits to show Ms Higgins they fully support her campaign for women’s rights and an end to all forms of discrimination in all workplaces around the nation, but particularly bullying and sexual assaults in the predominately male federal parliamentary precinct.

Mr Morrison is understood to have opted for a full length white caftan with round collar and gorgeous flowing full-length sleeves (our artist’s impression above).

Fashionistas have pointed out the PM has cleverly opted for an understated Muslim look that will also appeal to the large Islamic population in his federal electorate of Cook.

“Trust the PM never to miss an opportunity to maximise his vote regardless of the solemnity of the occasion,” one said.

“His choice of outfit is doubly important given that one recent poll has shown he’s lost significant support among women voters over the Higgins case and other sex scandals up on the Hill.”

In a move to make Ms Higgins as comfortable as possible for their own meeting, Mr Albanese has gone for a slightly more risky bone-coloured men’s onsie, also with long sleeves but not displaying quite the flair of the PM’s outfit (also shown above).

One fashion expert told The Bug: “Here is an outfit cleverly selected to tell Brittany: ‘You can relax with me. I’m on your side’.”