A shot in the dark

What the Media Glass House means by the heading above is that we’re going to have to take a guess as to how a segment on Channel 9 Sydney’s 6pm news last night came about.

In a story on a house being shot up in Sydney (well, we think it was Sydney; more on that later), close-up vision of the various bullet holes was shown, staccato style, with the sound of small arms fire synchronised to each hole shown.

Bang! Bang! Bang! (Pause) Bang! Bang!

Accompanying this dramatic piece of creative sound and vision editing, the reporter declares something akin to…”this is the sound of small-arms gunfire…” that suggests 9 News somehow got a tape of the actual attack.

So why are we taking a shot in the dark as to what really happened?

Because we can’t find the segment anywhere on Nine New Sydney’s website – many other segments from last night’ bulletin are shown there but not this one. Which is why we can’t check the reporter’s name and the actual words he used to overlay the series of bang! bang! bang! closeups.

That’s why we’ve had to mock up the amateurish image at top. Sorry for that.

So can anyone help? Was the segment put together by some frustrated would-be crime movie director who found some audio labelled “small arms fire” that fitted the bill?

And if they have gone down that path, why didn’t they add some spectacular footage, a la John Woo, of the shooter flinging himself sideways past the house while pumping away with powerful automatic pistols held in both hands?

That would have been very dramatic and surely would have boosted the program’s ratings.

And if – and we suspect this is a very big if – it was the actual audio from the attack captured on a phone or some such thing, then maybe the news director at Nine can drop us a line and explain why the reporter didn’t mention that.

In the meanwhile, we’re left in the dark.


Like a certain corrupt Queensland police commissioner, MGH thinks the little fish are sometimes the sweetest when it comes to highlighting the spiraling decline of the fourth estate.

Here are a few images from the recent archives, taken from Facebook friends, that need no explanation whatsoever.

Pisspoor example of spelling courtesy of John Reynolds, Brisbane.

Courtesy of Trina McLellan, Brisbane, who offered a simple “Oh dear…. even The Project”.