PM sets funding criteria


Prime Minister Scott Morrison says there are conditions attached to his commitment to help the Queensland Government fund new sports infrastructure for the possible 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games.

This week Mr Morrison said the federal government was prepared to split costs with the Palaszczuk Government to deliver any new sports facilities needed for the Games.

“I am quite prepared to fund 50% of infrastructure costs for the Brisbane Olympics but I want to make sure any federal funds are applied to deliver the best possible outcomes,” Mr Morrison said.

“I want to ensure that we don’t concentrate all federal funds in the Brisbane area alone.

“We need to make sure that the benefits of the 2032 Games are enjoyed by communities in the wider region.

“To that end I will agree to 50% funding of Olympic Games infrastructure but only if new sports infrastructure is built in outer-Brisbane communities such as Bass, Chisholm, Wentworth, Boothby, Swan, Braddon, and Reid just to name a few.

“Australians know full well that when it comes to funding sports infrastructure, my government takes a deep interest in what projects are funded and where they are located.

“We are always looking to achieve the optimum benefit from every dollar spent and the Brisbane Games will be no different,” Mr Morrison said.