‘Big guy up there’ praised for miracle win


A translation from the tongue of a recent speech at a Gold Coast religious gathering has given us all an intimate glimpse of the depth of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s devotion to Pentecostalism and why he called his victory at the 2019 federal election a true “miracle”.

The Bug is indebted to whoever went to the trouble of translating into English the PM’s 20-odd minute address to the Australian Christian Churches’ annual conference on the glitter strip several weekends ago.

But they’ve given us all a chance to understand what drives Scott Morrison in his life’s work, for he openly revealed to the conference delegates exactly how God had called on him to become the country’s leader to do His work.

An emotional PM then talked of his despair and sense of helplessness half-way through that 2019 campaign when just about everyone had written him off, especially the bookies.

“At the end of each day’s campaigning, I knelt by my bed and prayed for the big guy up there to help me find what seemed an impossible path for victory,” Mr Morrison said.

“Almost immediately, he answered my call and I can’t thank Clive Palmer way up there in Townsville enough.”

“I couldn’t have got across the line without his $90 million-plus anti-Labor, anti-Bill Shorten advertising campaign blitz, especially at the death there.

“It truly was a miracle, one I suspect I’ll need again next election.”

Above: Evangelical church elders put their hands on Scott Morrison and ask him to pray tell them how much conference memorabilia he wants to buy, seeing all credit cards are accepted.