Morrison plans snap poll


In a world exclusive, The Bug can reveal that on the strength of excellent results in the latest Newspoll Prime Minister Scott Morrison will travel to Yarralumla shortly to ask the Governor-General David Hurley for a snap House of Representatives election.

This publication has been told the PM will ask the G-G to prorouge the 46th Parliament straight after Treasurer Josh Frydenberg delivers the Budget early next month, not even allowing Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese his Budget right-of-reply two nights later.

And Morrison’s decision is really a no-brainer, after a number of senior ministers flooded him with calls to The Lodge last night as soon as one of the Peter van Onselens preempted the Newspoll results with a “wow!” on social media at about 9.23pm.

Comments such as “You’ve got Albanese on toast, sir!”, “Labor’s finished with your brilliant campaigning skills, sir!” and “I’m really missing Home Affairs, sir” quickly made up the PM’s mind when the full results came through.

And why wouldn’t he? The overnight Newspoll shows:

The LNPs primary vote up one to 41 per cent, the figure it achieved at the 2019 poll, with Labor steady on 38.

The PM still reigning supreme as preferred prime minister 56 (+4) to Albanese’s 30 (-2).

Mr Morrison’s approval rating is at plus 22 – 59% approval (+4) to 37% disapproval (-3) – while Albanese is languishing at -3 – 40% approval (-3) to 43% disapprove (+2).

“These are amazing results when you consider the hiccups and false steps by the Morrison government over the past month since the last poll,” another Peter van Onselen said.

“The Christine Holgate bullying saga, the potential rape coverups and other sex scandals involving ministers, the botched vaccine rollout, the milkshake and taco ad debacle, his laughable performance at the climate world summit – it just went on and on – and yet his approval rating goes up seven points!

“The guy’s either a marketing genius or Australians couldn’t give a fuck about politics.

“And, sure, Labor might still be just ahead 51-49 on two-party preferred, but, wow, that’s nothing in the scheme of things.

“If the LNP are on 41 per cent primary now, who knows where they’ll end up after the hundreds of millions of taxpayer-funded advertising they’ll pump out before the campaign starts in two weeks, the pork-barreling at record levels that’s now going on but we won’t know about until much later, the litany of lies they’ve got planned about non-existent Labor policies on the hustings, I’m pretty sure Josh is going to dust off his online Labor death tax scare once again and why wouldn’t you, the almost pervasive and lavish mainstream media support and of course, hopefully, another $90 million anti-ALP ad spend from Clive Palmer?

“So why shouldn’t Morrison prevail on such a level playing field?”

And responses from some of Australia’s other mainstream media politics writers show Mr Morrison will be going into the looming election as clear favourite.

David Crowe (SMH): “Morrison virtually won the last election on his own so he can do it again”.

Jacqueline Maley (SMH): “His leadership during the COVID-19 fightback has been magnificent”.

Peter Hartcher (SMH): “Morrison has moved to and now controls the centre and is winning from there. His commitment to zero net emissions by 2050 grows stronger by the day.”

Chris Uhlmann (LNP): “Put down the glasses! ScoMo by the length of the field!”

Yet another Peter van Onselen (The Australian): “I told you all a long time ago that Morrison has the next election in his keeping.”

And that’s just from the right-wing mainstream media. Imagine what the NewsCorp Australia scribes are saying!