Her Majesty cleans up

A little more than a week after her husband’s funeral, Her Majesty the Queen has started to dispose of the late Duke of Edinburgh’s personal possessions.

The Queen has personally taken control of offloading Prince Philip’s belongings and, in a move that once again shows she is a monarch prepared to move with the times, has appeared on the BBC’s popular TV program Antiques Roadshow to have a handful of the late Duke’s items valued. (main picture)

“Her Majesty has been somewhat surprised at how little her consort of 73 years left behind,” one Buckingham Palace insider told me.

“I guess that’s what comes of living off the public purse for so many years. As we all know the Duke rarely put his hand in his pocket.

“His Royal Highness also made the most of the goods and services provided free in exchange for the granting of royal warrants enabling select businesses to declare they were ‘By appointment to HRH the Duke of Edinburgh’.

“So when Her Majesty appeared on Antiques Roadshow she didn’t really have much to take along to be assessed.

“In fact all she could find was an old Royal Navy clock from one of the warships the Duke commanded before he and Her Majesty married, plus an unopened bottle of single-malt Scotch, and a stack of old porn magazines.

“The Queen was somewhat disappointed that the whole collection was worth only 60 British pounds.

“Nevertheless, Her Majesty is still intent on getting rid of the Duke’s belongings so she’ll be putting them up on Gumtree in the next few days and is prepared to negotiate on the prices of all three of them,” my source said.