Club pick under pressure


Elements within the AFL fear that businessman Mark Korda will face internal pressure and a campaign to undermine his position and authority just days after being announced as the Collingwood Football Club’s new president.

It has been revealed that Mr Korda, a long-serving Collingwood board member, secured the top job by only a narrow margin after a last-minute challenger for the presidency emerged at his final interview by the club’s directors earlier this week.

“Another candidate for the presidency came out of the blue right at the death,” an unnamed director told The Bug.

“It took us all completely by surprise because the rival candidate was a woman who had previously flown well under the radar within club circles but who seemed to know all about the internal workings of Collingwood.

“Nobody had even heard of Edwina Guiremac (main picture) before she burst into the directors’ meeting and demanded to put her case for being the club’s next president.

“Edwina held forth at length about the club’s history, it’s recent problems both on and off the field, and where she saw it heading in the future.

“I felt that she made a very convincing case and there were many others around the board room table that felt the same.

“Even other directors who were clearly behind Mark Korda started to waver as they saw the benefits of having a female president at a time all clubs continue to battle criticisms of sexism and bad player behaviour towards women.

“Unfortunately for Edwina she fell short once she finished her prepared speech and started to take questions from directors.

“When I say her prepared speech, it was in fact delivered off an autocue machine which Edwina brought along with her. That was slightly unusual.

“But  once directors started peppering her with questions she fell apart.

“She couldn’t answer any of them and resorted to asking if she could phone a friend, or go 50-50 whatever that means.

“I think her fate was sealed when she was asked about the immediate past president and leapt into a long and detailed defence of Eddie. To listen to her he was a living saint.

“Even so, Mark got the presidency only by a very narrow margin and all directors now fear Edwina may start to gain support for a challenge very soon.

“She’s someone we should all keep an eye on, that’s for sure,” the anonymous director said.