Who’s a little shirty then?

Above, courtesy of Nine’s 6pm Sydney news last night, we see conman Peter Foster on the left on his way to a Sydney Court yesterday, while at right is the conman after his arrest in Port Douglas last year.

And here’s what Channel 9’s fashion editor and court reporter Kelly Fedor had to say about these events: “Peter Foster left his multi-million-dollar Dover Heights home and its stunning view hardly inconspicuous caught in a shirt similar to one he threw on before he was hauled into custody in Port Douglas in August.

We accept Kelly has pretty well spotted the fact that Foster is wearing a man’s pastel-coloured casual shirt on both occasions. But similar?

The one on the left is long-sleeved and pinkish in its colour theme. The one of the right is short-sleeved and green.

The pattern on the left appears floral in nature. The one on the right looks like one of the conman’s business associates has thrown up all over it at the end of a very long business lunch that ended with far too many cleansing midoris.

Call us at the Media Glass House pedantic old fuddy duddies if you must, because we are, but for these reasons we’re still unsure why Kelly went down the fashion comparison path.

The key, we think, is in the word “caught”. Deep down, we suspect Kelly was alerting us covertly to her distaste for the man’s obvious disrespect for his upcoming court appearance and that he should have known the right way to dress for such appearances. He has, after all, had enough experience at doing that.

We, too, Kelly would have loved to have been the beak yesterday morning. We would have left that conman in no doubt as to how he should have dressed properly and respectfully.

And while giving Foster a well-deserved dressing down, so to speak, we most certainly would have made him stand up straight, his feet at attention and with that tummy of his well and truly tucked in!

It’s about time the cad learnt some basic rules as to how to behave in polite society.


Meanwhile, the daily turdbloids in the News Corp Australia stable such as The Courier-Mail in Brisbane (pictured) also remarked on Foster’s fashion sense in their story on his court appearance.

But the News Corp reporter opted for a more neutral observation.

“Donning his signature Hawaiian shirt and boat shoes, Foster, attended court over an almost $2m alleged Bitcoin rort related to an online sports trading operation,” the story noted.

A fair enough observation and all that needed to be said. Take note Nine.