Ad agency defends its work


A major advertising agency has defended its work on the Morrison Government’s now-abandoned videos aimed at teaching young people about the importance of consent in personal and sexual relationships.

Ivor Teeshert, principal of the Balmain-based creative agency Mennett-Woke said widespread criticism of the videos was misplaced.

“The single aim of advertising is to change consumer behaviour,” Mr Teeshert (main picture) said.

“The research we’ve done shows the videos we made have had a tremendous impact on the test audiences who saw them in private screenings before their wider release,” he said.

“We tracked the behaviour of those who attended the screenings and in the week after they saw the ads all test audience groups showed on average a 230% rise in their purchases of taco milkshakes.

“We also recorded a similar rise in their purchases of milkshake tacos.

“Some people among our audiences had never bought a milkshake taco or a taco milkshake before in their entire life. So don’t tell me the ads didn’t work.”

The agency’s argument about the effectiveness of the videos was supported by The Bug’s own sex advice columnist Doctor Dick.

“I can confirm that since the consent videos have been screened in news stories in the past few days my toll-free sex advice line 1300PHUK has seen an upsurge in enquiries,” Dr Dick said.

“Without fail every additional call my phone advice service has received has been from young people – both male and female plus trans – who have all referred to a new sex act they and their partners – both male and female plus trans and sometimes all three – have been indulging in which they call a ‘taco milkshake’ or a ‘milkshake taco’.

“Not a single caller has been complaining about it. They just want to tell someone how much fun it is.

“So, yeah, the video has certainly worked in my expert opinion,” Dr Dick said.