PM plays himself

CANBERRA: Shooting of a biopic with Prime Minister Scott Morrison playing himself has started in the nation’s capital and at other locations around the nation.

The new movie, based on a screenplay developed over many drafts by a writers’ table comprising a number of Peter van Onselens, has the working title I Shall Be Returned.

An internal production synopsis shown to me says the film tells the tale of “a young Aussie boy who grows up to find God and go on to become Australia’s greatest wartime leader and father of the nation”.

Insiders tell me that the PM has taken to the acting gig with relish and has adopted the method acting approach. (main picture)

I understand this has led the PM to insist on doing his own stunts as required including when a key scene was shot last week at the Engadine McDonald’s restaurant depicting him as a younger man hopelessly shitting his pants in a drunken stupor.

On-set personnel told me Mr Morrison drank heavily and ate a diet of nothing but prescription-only laxatives and Vindaloo curries for three days before the scene was shot.


MELBOURNE: Makers of the internationally popular Australian soap opera Neighbours have finally reacted to recent serious allegations by a list of actors who have complained of repeated and persistent instances of racism and other inappropriate behaviour by some production staff.

In a statement the company behind the long-running serial, Fremantle, announced a major change to the program in response to recent allegations.

“As a result of the recent serious claims made by actors previously employed on the Neighbours set in Melbourne, we will be changing the name of the program to Racists,” the Fremantle statement said.

“We feel the new name will better reflect the ethos of the program.

“While the title Neighbours has served viewers well since the show started in 1985, we’re confident that viewers will transition seamlessly to the new title especially in its two biggest markets of Australia and the UK.”

The Fremantle statement said the new name would be applied as soon as practicable.


SYDNEY: Producers of the forthcoming Mad Max prequel starring Chris Hemsworth have bowed to pressure and will release the film in 2023 under an amended title.

The film starts production soon but my sources tell me it will be released when finished with a title that will include Psychologically Unbalance Max.

“Producers have taken on board representations from the mental health lobby about the need to avoid misleading and stereotypical portrayals of mental illnesses, especially the use of the word ‘mad’ in such circumstances,” an insider told me.