Has brilliant ad exterminated The Bug?


A directors’ meeting this afternoon will decide whether The Bug, Australia’s oldest and least profitable satire publication, will close its doors for good.

A motion to close down immediately was framed by the magazine’s shattered team of writers after they viewed a new Morrison Government ad aimed at explaining the concept of consent to school students.

“How can we compete with this level of satire,” one Bug writer with more than 30 years on staff said as he cleared out his desk of greying and mouldy Mad magazines and Goon tapes in anticipation of a yes vote.

“It’s not just on another plain; it’s on another planet.

“It is breathtakingly brilliant, totally cutting and somehow brutally and tragically sad at the same time.

“I mean, really. Milkshakers and taccos? No normal mind could have come up with that. It’s seriously warped. Far warpter than any of ours could ever hope to be.

“What were they on and where do we get some?”

Another Bug contributor added: “It’s pythonesque and yet it’s not, if that makes any sense at all.”

A number of other Australian satire sites are also considering closing down, including The Shovel, The Chaser and the Betoota Advocate.

“How can we possibly compete with this” appears to be common to their thought-processes and likely decisions.

One of those magazine’s executives said on condition of anonymity: “On the top of everything the Morrison government comes out with on a daily basis, this is really the straw that’s broken the camel’s back.”

Meanwhile, criticism of the advertisment has been fierce within leaders of the advertising an marketing industry.

Gruen regulars Todd Sampson and Dee Madigan were scathing although Russel Howcroft said: “It could succeed, yeah, on the back of a pervasive, extensive and expensive cross-media, all-platforms, campaign, yeah, preferably orchestrated by me, yeah?”