More trouble with Harry

Senior members of the Royal Family are in urgent, last-minute talks with Prince Harry the Duke of Sussex in a bid to avoid a major potential embarrassment to Her Majesty the Queen at the funeral of her husband, the late Duke of Edinburgh.

My Buckingham Palace sources tell me that senior members of the royal household have been made aware of plans by Prince Harry to use the funeral at Windsor Castle to protest the attitude of some members of the royal family towards him and his wife the former Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex.

“We have been made aware that the Prince is still very angry about how he and his wife were treated at the time they decided to step down from royal duties and depart the UK to live in the US,” one royal courtier told me.

“Prince Harry is apparently livid at losing his status as patron of a number of military organisations and charities.

“His attitude has been made worse by the announcement that nobody attending the Prince Philip’s funeral will be wearing military uniforms.

“Prince Harry apparently hit the roof when he heard that news. He sees it as yet another snub directed at him, regardless of the fact that the ruling will apply to all royals in attendance.”

My Buckingham Palace sources tell me that the latest tensions have yet again brought back memories for Prince Harry of the way his mother Princess Diana was also treated badly by the royal establishment.

They say that he is determined to “make a statement” at Prince Philip’s funeral where he will abide by the directive about not wearing uniforms but will attend in a funereal black outfit from his late mother’s wardrobe. (main picture)

“We are trying desperately to have him change his mind,” a senior palace insider told me.

“We’re not making much progress, I can tell you, but at least we have talked Prince Harry out of attending the funeral in blackface as a mark of solidarity with his wife and a reminder of the supposed racist remarks she claimed a senior royal made about her and the couple’s first child.

“We’re still negotiating with the Prince who has made certain demands in exchange for not wearing his mother’s frock, one of which is for the Queen to agree to drop the idea of having a Land Rover carry her husband’s coffin and instead use a van from one of the new businesses the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have set up in the US. (pictured)

“We’re hopeful all this right royal mess will be sorted out in time for the funeral. But the aggravation Prince Harry has caused has certainly won him no friends at court,” the insider told me.