PM rejects Holgate claims


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has returned fire on former Australia Post CEO, Christine Holgate, who has accused him of humiliating her in his statements to federal parliament over her decision to award senior staff with bonuses in the form of luxury watches.

At a news conference in Canberra yesteray the prime minister (main picture) denied Ms Holgate’s claim to a Senate inquiry that he had snubbed her and failed to explain his attack on her after the decision to give staff the watches.

“I have personally communicated with Ms Holgate and set out my thoughts on this issue,” Mr Morrison said.

“I will not go into the details of what I said in my message to her because I believe that enough has been said publicly about what happened.

“It is water under the bridge and we all need to move on. I really don’t want to revisit the issue in any way.”

When told Ms Holgate was maintaining she had still not heard from him, Mr Morrison said he could not explain her comment.

“No, I can’t understand that,” he said. “I mean I wrote the letter myself, put it in an envelope and wrote her address on the front.

“I then personally put it into one of those red Australia Post boxes on the footpath just down the street from The Lodge.

“If Ms Holgate hasn’t received it she might have to ask Australia Post about its delivery standards.

“I mean the new Australia Post CEO hasn’t taken over just yet so if my letter has not been delivered then that’s effectively happened on her luxury watches…., sorry, on her watch.”

Mr Morrison said he was “pretty sure” he had affixed a stamp to the letter.