JobFudger’s role in recovery praised


Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has praised the role of the government’s JobFudger scheme in the big surge in employment shown in the latest statistics released yesterday.

“There are now more Australians in work now than ever before,” a beaming Treasurer told Channel 9 news (pictured at top).

“I find it almost unbelievable for me to say that,” he said. “Considering the jobs that we lost through COVID-19 over the past year, your viewers might find that unbelievable too.

“Especially those in CBD hospitality, north Queensland tourism, anyone else really relying heavily on overseas tourists or students, those in tertiary education generally, the overseas sector of aviation. Christine Holgate. A busload of Western Australian Liberal politicians. Shitloads of people really.”

Mr Frydenberg said that while the government’s JobFudger scheme had been working steadily “in the background” it had become “front and centre” since JobKeeper had been abolished just over two weeks ago and JobSeeker had been wound back to a slightly higher NewStart payment.

“JobFudger did wonderful if largely unrecognised work back then, especially after the government recently made the ABS redefine a job as covering anyone getting at least one minute’s paid work a week, down from the one hour it was before,” he said.

And while the Treasurer admitted the latest figures have not included the post JobKeeper and JobSeeker era, he scoffed at experts who have predicted that 150,000 Australians might be losing their jobs right now and that will be reflected in the next stats.

“JobFudger since the end of March now classifies as ‘fully employed’ anyone out there who’s even now thinking they’d love to have such a job.

“It’s the least we could do for them. And for our re-election prospects.”