Fitz fails at politics 101

Well, well! Who knew Upper Hunter, the Legislative Assembly seat to be contested in the NSW state by-election on 22 May, is a traditional Labor seat!

Makes it sound all rather safe for Labor on the day, does it not? Given the usual swing against governments at by-elections anyway, you’d be mad not to put some hard-earned on the ALP, would you not?

The by-election has been triggered by the resignation of Nationals MP Michael Johnsen over a rape allegation he has denied. A loss will push Gladys Berejiklian’s LNP government into minority.

And the man who has revealed that Upper Hunter is a traditional Labor seat? None other than author and columnist Peter FitzSimons (above) in his weekly Sun-Herald column.

That news might come as a surprise to the ghost of William Cameron, who held the seat for the Nationalists from 1927 to 1931.

Or for that matter, the Independent Country member who followed Cameron for a short while and then the various County and Nationals members who have held the seat since.

That’s right! Upper Hunter has been in conservative hands for the past 90-plus years, mostly by Country and its rebranded moniker Nationals members.

So how does a famous novelist, commentator and columnist such as Peter FitzSimons make a terrible blooper like that?

We’re not sure but it should make you a tad wary about the accuracy of the many books he has penned, would it not?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Unless a sub-editor fucked it up, in which case: Sorry, Peter!


The Bug‘s Media Glass House has just about given up on ever hoping the remaining sub-editors at the SMH and The Sun-Herald will master the craft of getting right headings that run across two pages.

Of recent years, their technique has been to flush left the words in the heading on the left-hand side and flush right the ones on the right-hand page and who cares how much white space is left between. Sometimes there’s more gap there than in the front-row of a French can-can!

For example, cop a gander at this beauty from this weekend’s Sun-Herald.

The flat-strapped sub-editor who threw the main book together on Saturday night must have shit editing software – or just be a shit sub-editor – if they couldn’t have put ‘so’ on the left-hand page and at the very least set left the remaining words over on the right page.


ONE of the reasons The Bug‘s MGH loves reading Andrew Hornery’s Private Sydney column is that he clearly has a contact book chockablock full of impeccable sources.