Easy as ABC, by George

A few days back, appropriately at Easter, former Catholic high-flyer George Pell let loose on our dear old Aunty ABC via an interview with News Corp Australia’s national broadshit The Australian. (main picture)

Although somewhat restrained in his comments, Pell clearly harbours tremendous ill will towards our national broadcaster for the role he believes it played in what he believes to be his own crucifixion and a gross miscarriage of justice.

Of course he’d be expected to say such things given he is the one who was charged with child sex offences against two choirboys, tried, convicted, served time, only to be later released after a High Court decision.

In The Oz story Pell said what our nation needs is another national broadcaster to balance the supposed lefty campaigning undertaken by the ABC against him and other social conservatives.

If such a broadcaster existed, apparently, he wouldn’t have faced the traumas he did.

Presumably our second national broadcaster would need to ignore the facts on which the ABC – and other media outlets – based its reporting.

Wait a minute. Don’t we already have such another national broadcaster?

Yes, we do. It’s called Sky News and we now do recall that its numerous “after dark” shows acted as cheer squads for Pell during his legal journey.

Maybe poor old George’s memory is going.


But our memory is pretty clear that Pell’s attack on the ABC is a very familiar one.

In fact he used the same argument to lambast the ABC in an interview with noted independent news analyst and Sky News after-dark commentator Andrew Bolt soon after his 2020 release from jail.

In that interview Bolt asked him: “Does the ABC’s role in your persecution concern you?”

Pell responded: “Yes it does. Because, I mean, it’s partly financed by Catholic taxes.”

Interesting. Seems Catholics who pay tax deserve to be off limits to media scrutiny.

What we think is always lost in the ABC-bashing seen almost daily in The Oz is the fact that Pell’s woes were first reported by a News Corp outlet.

It was February 2016 when News Corp’s Melbourne turdbloid the Herald-Sun revealed in an exclusive story that Victoria Police were running a dedicated taskforce to investigate Pell for historical child sexual abuse.

The Herald-Sun? Isn’t that the paper that also runs Andrew Bolt’s columns?


Speaking of social conservatives, does the word deserve a capital letter?

The aforementioned ABC in its story on the health issues faced by NSW Liberal Senator Jim Molan said he was “a favourite of Conservative media commentators”. (pictured)

Now we know the ABC wasn’t referring to the Conservative Party in the UK or an party with the same name elsewhere in the world.

Surely a capital C may cause readers to confuse it with such an official political party or organisation.

We know that on occasions the Right and the Left of political are capitalised, the Right more often than the Left given that they have more capitalists.

But we’re Left with the… sorry, we’re left with the question of whether to use a cap or not in any of those words.

By the way, it certainly wasn’t intentional, but we do admit the Molan story is not the best one to single out for a debate about the big C.


On numerous occasions in the past few years The Bug’s MGH analysts have pointed to the contraction in the number of funeral notices in the Brisbane turdbloid The Courier-Mail as evidence of the shrinking market for and shrinking incomes of hard-copy newspapers.

A sort of milestone was reached on Easter Monday when only one funeral notice was listed in the Courier. (pictured)

If you check the graphic you might be able to find it in among all the filler ads that bulk out the page but don’t hide the fact that the Courier, like all other News Corp fishwrappers, are on a death-watch themselves.