Balls go missing at the Heralds

The balls we’re talking about are fairly large and hard to the touch but do bounce well.

Yes, we’re referring to basketballs.

It seems the Nine Entertainment mastheads currently still in print production until Harvey Norman decides otherwise – The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun-Herald – have had some sort of a feud with the National Basketball League and/or its owner Larry Kestelman.

The Bug’s MGH has scoured the two weekend Heralds for quite some weeks now and it hasn’t been able to find a single par – not a word – on the current NBL season that began in mid-January.

Have Nine Entertainment and Kestelman had a falling out? Kestelman doesn’t agree with the notion that Peter Costello was the greatest Treasurer Australia has ever had? Hungry Jack’s won’t advertise with the Heralds or Channel 9?

If anyone knows the reason for this obvious snub of one of Australia’s largest participation sports, let us know.

Editor’s note: All papers we’ve checked over recent times for any mention of the NBL season have been country editions, but we doubt metropolitan print-runs would have been any different. And The Bug only gets the two weekend Herald mastheads. Two days of columns from the likes of Peter “Scott Morrison’s stewardship of the COVID-19 response has been magnificent” Hartcher, Jacqueline “Scott Morrison’s stewardship of the COVID-19 response has been magnificent” Maley, David “Scott Morrison won the 2019 election almost single-handedly” Crowe and anything Parnell Palme McGuinness pens about topics the poor dear thing thinks she’s an expert on such as Baby Boomer feminists are about as much Heralding as The Bug can take in anyone week.


The quality of journalism has suffered across all sections of the mainstream media of recent times through major staff cuts and the loss of many talented senior souls and sadly our beloved Australian Broadcasting Corporation is no exception.

Given the way its funding has been slashed over the past eight very odd years of LNP government and the major staff cuts forced by that disgraceful gutting, The Bug‘s MGH sometimes feels a little guilty highlighting little errors like the one above from March 28.

But it’s the little errors that reveal the greater harm being done to our beloved national broadcaster.

Clearly Albanese was saying the Opposition would consider denying pairs in Parliament and the journalist has made a simple mistake. We all mak them.

But the fact that such errors often loiter on the ABC’s website for embarrassingly long periods shows that Aunty just does not have the sub-editor staffing levels any more to preferably avoid such bloopers in the first place or fix them quickly.


If any Buggers out there still demand proof of News Corp Australia’s anti-Labor bias, just take a look at the coverage of the vaccine roll-out story by Rupert Murdoch’s various fishwrappers.

First there was their go-easy approach to the Morrison Government when it came to sheeting home blame and/or responsibility for the disastrous impact of the pandemic on the nation’s aged care sector.  

Now, in recent days we’ve seen News Corp Australia’s national broadshit The Australian and its multiple turdbloids in metro markets again swing into action when covering the fallout from the previous and now unrealised promises made by the PM himself on vaccine distribution.

In fact The Oz seemed to be the willing vehicle of choice for the PM and his gang to dump a bucket on the states in his efforts to divert blame and/or responsibility.

Sure there was coverage that followed of the white-hot anger of state premiers at being blamed, but nowhere in the News Corp coverage do we detect their usual concentrated barrage of editorial blame-laying against the PM or his government.

If you doubt our judgement, just for a moment substitute in your own mind Dan Andrews for Scott Morrison and imagine what coverage a vaccine rollout delay would be given by The Oz and others.


Speaking of News Corp Australia and its anti-Labor bias – which we do a lot because there is always a lot to speak about – take a look at how they are trying to frame the public’s view in the aftermath of the resignation of a Nationals MP from the NSW Parliament for his virtual and physical dealings with a sex worker.

As The Australian pointed out on Thursday his departure has left NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian reliant for the slimmest of parliamentary majorities on another colourful MP – her former sports minister who left the Liberal Party because he is facing corruption charges.

You’d think Gladdy and would now be under the gun, but no, that position has been reserved by The Oz for NSW Labor and its leader Jodi McKay. (pictured)

To make sure we got the message the paper put its line of thinking into headlines and a story on the front and third pages of its April Fool’s Day edition.

So get ready for the setting of hugely unrealistic expectations of Labor’s vote prior to by-election day and all-out efforts to protect News Corp Australia’s favourite premier  – all in a seat that The Oz told us has been won by the Nats at every election since 1932.