Rewriting the record

It was no doubt the PM’s self-admitted genius at marketing a message that caused him to score another own-goal on Monday when he effectively promoted Foreign Minister Marise Payne to be co-PM.

Must have sounded like a great line in his office or in his head before he and she took to the lecterns in the PM’s courtyard inside Parliament House.

The Bug’s MGH staff checked the Prime Minister’s Office official transcript of his remarks and it’s our considered view that even the punctuation of the online document provided on the PM’s website gives credence to claims of another bad idea by the self-described brilliant marketer Scott Morrison.

The transcript reads: “She is effectively amongst her female colleagues, the prime Minister for Women, holding the prime, ministerial responsibilities in this area as the Minister for Women.”

Now, we are open to consider possibilities other than a scramble to punctuate the sentence in such a way as to retrospectively dilute its obvious and widely reported implication.

But we think that, given the context and content of the rest of the sentence, capitalising “Minister” and “Women” when first mentioned makes no sense – unless it was done to walk back the PM’s foot-in-mouth moment.

When we said we were open to consider other possibilities, they include the option of Morrison simply being a fucking idiot in love with his own misplaced and undeserved reputation for having a unique talent at political marketing.

They also include the more basic option of him just being a fuckwit.


Just the other day we noted a blatant plug in some News Corp turdbloids for the Binge streaming service operated by Foxtel which is majority owned by the Rupert Murdoch outfit.

Now we bring you the vital news that the Melbourne daily the Herald-Sun brought its readers on Monday.

It seems that Sky News – another Murdoch-related operation – has moved into news premises in Melbourne.

Wow! We wonder why this essential piece of information appeared on page two of the newspaper and not on the front page given its obvious importance and news value.

We also wonder, as we did about the Binge item, why News Corp never mentions its commercial linkages with the entities it promotes to readers.


In the aftermath of the Andrew Laming scandal – which must be around scandal number 12,345 of the Morrison Government if anyone is counting – a News Corp website serving the region containing his electorate on Brisbane’s south-east outskirts ran a yarn about the recent history of scandalous acts by local pollies.

We won’t bore you with the details but to make it easier for readers the story contained a graphic with images of the who’s who being mentioned.

The caption listed five local identities, not all of whom had allegedly or actually misbehaved but had been affected or involved in some way in a previous scandal. But unfortunately the graphic above the caption contained eight headshots. (pictured)

Yet another lesson in how things can go wrong when you strip out the jobs of sub-editors and others whose task is, or was, to make sure all the facts and relevant information were present and correct.