Mixed news for PM in vox pop

Riding high in the popularity polls until recently but now trailing Labor in Newspoll, Prime Minister Scott Morrison looked visually stunned when a member of the Canberra media pack asked him recently if he considered his position safe after recent sex scandals and missteps over women’s rights.

It’s an interesting question so The Bug sent out teams of reporters all over Australia to ask very average Australians in the street what they now think of the PM and, crucially, does he still have their vote.

JED AND JUGG CANAVAN, twin brothers, 40 (age and combined IQ), amateur coal fossickers, North Gympie Canavan (sic) Park, Queensland.

We were both died (sic) in the wool Liberal voters until John Howard brought in those stupid gun laws way back when. We switched over to the Nationals but when we red (sic) the other month that Morrison is moving to the centre of politics, particularly on climate change… well, he’s dead to us. We’ll be voting Won (sic) Nation from now on. At least they support coal miners like we hope to be one day.

MRS PETA DUNCAN: 50, housewife, Strathpine, Queensland.

The man’s a fool. There must be someone around the traps who could lead the government much better through the strength of his personality, his drive and ambition, his honesty and compassion and his life-long commitment to doing the right thing by Australia.

DAME ALANA JONES, 79, housewife and dementia survivor, Sydney, NSW.

Scott Morrison is doing an amazing job and anyone who doesn’t think that should be taken out to sea and thrown overboard in a chaffbag.

FREYA DENBERG, 49, housewife, Moonee Ponds, Victoria.

No, the man’s finished. There surely must be someone waiting in the wings that could reunite an angry and fractured nation. Has Australia ever had a Jewish prime minister?

MORRIS SCOTSON, 52, retired marketing expert, Hamilton Island, Queensland.

Scott Morrison is, and will always be, a marketing genius. It’s why he is affectionately known around Australia as #scottiefrommarketing. He will rebound from any difficulty and you’d be an absolute fool to ever count him out. He’s got the perfect template for victory from his win in 2019 and he’ll improve on that even more next time.

TUN BULLMANTON, 66, retired drag queen, Elizabeth Bay, Sydney.

I find it hard to feel sorry for Scott Morrison. The Liberal Party should never have got rid of Malcolm Turnbull. With his style, charisma and charm, he would have won the 2019 federal election in a landslide!

DAVID CROWE, Nine Entertainment humourist.

Scott Morrison won the last election almost single-handedly and he’ll do it again.