Stone the flamin’ Crowe!

Will the mainstream media’s politics gurus soon be rehearsing a new tune to add to its Re-elect Scott Morrison songbook.

The Bug‘s MGH has detected the germ of an idea for a catchy little number that can fill the gap as one of their more successful ditties of recent times, Vaccine Man: How Scott put us at the top of the queue and saved countless lives, has gone a bit off-note and may have to be taken off the playlist for a while.

That song has been losing some traction as public mutterings increase over stuff-ups with the COVID-19 vaccination rollout. Vaccine Man is not sweet music to many ears right now.

And the first scribe to hint at the new work is the SMH’s David Crowe’s Scott Morrison: The man who won the 2019 federal election almost single-handedly. It could be a real toe-tapper and works on various levels, feeding nicely off the PM’s reputation as a marketer par excellence.

True, David slipped the song title into a recent Sydney Morning Herald essay fairly critical of the the PM’s current missteps in dealing with the nation’s womenfolk but some of his peers heard it and liked it a lot. David has accepted their advice and is now working on lyrics to the song, based on Danny Boy.

If the new song makes it to rehearsals the next time the creme de la creme of Australian political commentators get together for rehearsals even we think it’s a winner.

And why? Because, just like the existing songs now on constant rotation from the Re-Elect Scott Morrison songbook, such as Father of the Nation, How Scott led the Coronavirus fightback and saved Australian from ruin and Only the LNP manages economies well (They restored the nation’s fortunes so that it’s now in even better shape than when COVID first struck and everyone who wants a job can get a job, it’s absolute rubbish.

Complete tosh! Large coils of putrid bullshit. The gullible Australian public should love it!

How did Scott Morrion win the 2019 poll basically on his own bat, David? By spending a month on the hustings playing the daggy-dad, bloke-next-door type throwing a ball, swinging a tennis racket and a hay bale and drinking a beer or 20?

Did he win over the nation with his policy suite, David? He was largely a policy-free zone except for keeping Malcolm Turnbull’s flattening of the income tax scales pitch and a “you get to keep more of your own money” plea to greedy Australians.

To suggest that #scottiefrommarketing won the election almost single-handedly totally ignores the fact that a lot of the $90 million, vicious anti-Labor ad campaign by Clive Palmer was spent at the death of the 2019 campaign. Many votes changed in those final days.

Likewise for the very effective on-line scare campaign, orchestrated by Josh Frydenberg, that Labor planned a hefty death tax.

Heck, David. You can’t even give Morrison credit for the various, disgraceful pork-barreling rorts at unprecedented levels that we now know about, because the PM was totally hands-off in their implementation. Right, David?

David, you must also think the vicious, pro-Morrison campaign by Newscorpse before and throughout the campaign failed to take any of the glory off the PM’s mighty, almost single-handed efforts? Poor Rupert will be pissed.

We at The Bug MGH watched the 2019 federal campaign and we reckon Morrison had an enormous amount of help in barely scraping across the line.

Two days out from polling day, Morrison’s photo ops, his ongoing personal assault on Bill Shorten’s character and a litany of lies about Labor’s policies had put him where he belonged: trailing in a swag of marginals so badly that one on-line bookie paid out on a Labor win.

Something happened at the death to turn his fortunes around it had nothing to do with his performance. Nor was it a fucking miracle.

The MGH saw all that. What election were you watching in some unparalleled universe?