Streets ahead of protest


The Street’s Ice Cream company says it will finally change the branding of one its most popular products in the face of renewed public criticism.

Street’s spokesperson Cal Ippo said the company had finally decided to make a simple change to its Golden Gaytime products.

“Streets pondered this move a couple of years back when a radical group of non-heterosexual activists threatened to take us to court under the Sex Discrimination Act because our Gaytime referred to only one lifestyle,” Mr Ippo said.

“Back then we tried to explain that the name was coined 60 years ago when the ice cream was launched in 1959 – an era when ‘gay time’ was an innocent name to use.

“That legal action never happened but now we see media reports of someone who has started an online petition about changing the Gaytime name. (pictured)

“That has sent senior management into a spin because we’ve seen what happens when online petitions get a hold of the public imagination.

“So the company has decided to make the name-change,” he said.

Mr Ippo said once current stocks of the iconic ice-cream were exhausted, consumers would be seeing Street’s Golden LGBTIQA+times in shop freezers right across Australia.

“The change will undoubtedly make it more inclusive and we believe consumers will barely notice the new difference between the old slogan and the new one: It’s hard to have a LGBTIQA+time on your own,” he said.